Pete and Cecilia Biava

  • 12 years of experience in the Real Estate market with Active licenses in Maryland, Washington D.C., and recently Florida.
  • Pete has had over 30 years of business experience in a multitude of industries in a COO capacity including Petroleum, Distribution, Government Contracting, Insurance, consulting with small to medium size business owners and Fannie Mae. Pete was interim GM for our County Club in Maryland where he learned a significant amount about the Hospitality industry.
  • Married 33 years with 2 boys living in California and Chicago actively working in the Finance world.
  • Strong Family orientation with interests including Golf, Music, Travel and family get together.
  • Bi-Lingual in Spanish and English. Born in Colombia South America but naturalized citizens with significant education in the US. Pete has BS in Civil Engineering and an MBA.
  • Full time residents of Verandah and dedicated to initiating a real estate business where the mission will be to treat our customers or clients as if they were Family. We will listen, advise and assist sellers and buyers with any transaction and try to minimize the stress in the process.


Recent Florida Real Estate Success


  • Started in October 2015 and already have sold 5 homes and one pending for August.
  • Obtained three listings 2 single family homes and 1 lot.
  • Sold one listing in less than 60 days
  • Homes sold or pending include 1 condo, 4 single family homes in Verandah price range $335-635K and 1 single family home outside of Verandah.
  • Dedicated to supporting buyers and sellers throughout the entire closing process.


Florida Living Group

  • Local broker owned and operated by Larry and Carla Ronco.
  • Born and raised in the local community and have 27 years of experience in the local area.
  • Office building located on Palm Beach Blvd with donated space to the Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce.  Broker’s website appears on the Chamber’s webpage.
  • Larry is a long term fireman for the Lehigh Acres fire department.
  • Strong connections with local businesses and contractors and handymen as family were involved in the construction industry for years.


Marketing Outreach

  • Broker is a Premier Agent with Zillow and has significant exposure in the 33905 area code.
  • Broker pays to be on main pages of Zillow searches for buyers looking in the local community.
  • Previous sales by broker have been made in the Verandah Community
  • Heavy focus in riverfront properties. Advertise in the Maritime magazine regularly. Recently sold a $1M river front property.
  • Contracted with Home Finders which advertises listings in 130 newspapers. Also uses Listing Book (www.FloridaHomeSearch.Listingbook.com)


Additional Marketing Outreach

  • MLS listing which connects to multiple other websites to market listing.
  • Postcard campaign to selected communities advertising new listing.
  • Use of List Hub which is a service that markets listing into multiple other websites including the top major branded brokers such as Century 21, Remax, etc. etc
  • Use of Savvy Card electronic business card with premium package which allows links to all major social networking sites. Our plan is to drive this part of the social media advertising with our business going forward.
  • Use of Facebook to advertise listing on banner ad for a limited time on a business Facebook page that can be linked to personal page for maximum reach. Also can be used to advertise upcoming open house for a limited target audience.
  • Use Proxio connection for international communication with other agents around the world.
  • Open Houses
  • Extensive network of friends and family some of which are planning on looking here in the Verandah community. Tentative buyer coming in late March whose criteria matches some of the specifics of your house.




You will get a dedicated husband and wife team that is initiating a Florida real estate business here in Verandah. Our personality, personal touch and general demeanor will help us grow our business by simply being ourselves and taking care of the customer.

We are honest and loyal people and have had success developing long term relationships with all types of people regardless of Ethnicity, class or income level, education or professional background. Age or other type of designations




  1. CMA analysis
  2. RPR analysis
  3. Listing agreement
  4. Plan on Addressing your needs and key issues
  5. Sell House and assist in transition.